Random Musing Before Shabbat-Noakh 5773–Nothing New


The title of this musing is pure “p’shat!” The “tech gods” have conspired against me today leaving me with no time to create a new musing, so I humbly offer you these previous musings for parashat Noakh. Enjoy.

Noakh 5772 – The Long Haul
Noakh 5771 – Redux 5765 – A P’shat in the Dark
Noakh 5770 – Don’t Ham It Up
Noah 5768 – Redux 5761 – Getting Noticed
Noakh 5766-What A Nimrod! (Revised)
Noakh 5765-A Pshat In The Dark
Noach 5764-Finding My Rainbow
Noach 5763-Striving to be Human
Noach 5762-To Make a Name for Ourselves
Noach 5761-Getting Noticed
Noach 5760-What a Nimrod!

Shabbat Shalom,



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Jewish Educator & Musician, Technology Nerd and all around nice Renaissance guy
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