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Random Musing Before Shabbat-Va-yetzei 5770 – Misquoted or Misspoke (or “Sometimes a Cigar…”)

In Yaakov’s dream, after he sees angels going up and down that ladder, G”d appears standing over Yaakov and says: I am Ad”nai, the G”d of Avraham your father, and G”d of Yitzchak…” (28:13 JPS) It’s interesting to note that … Continue reading

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Random Musing Before Shabbat – 5770 – Not Even Ten?

Seems G"d knew what G"d was talking about. G"d allowed Abraham to argue with G"d to see if Abraham could actually persuade G"d to spare S’dom and Gomorrah for the sake of the righteous who did live there. From fifty … Continue reading

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