Saying Shalom to My BJC Family


Saying farewell is never easy. Friday, July 18, 2008 will be my final day as Director of Education and Congregational Life at Bethesda Jewish Congregation. That day will mark the end of five wonderful years with my BJC family. BJC is truly a unique place, and one that truly enabled me to utilize my wide range of talents and skills, and explore my wide range of interests.

BJC & Gan Shirim 011


The people of BJC have truly been a blessing to me.  The teachers – dedicated, flexible, passionate. Parents – helpful, supportive, pitching in whenever needed. Most importantly – the students. They are why I do what I do. They are all my children, and I hope that I have, in at least some small way, had a positive influence on their lives.

simchattorah_cons2005 (6)

My role at BJC extended far beyond the usual confines of a Director of Education. I played music, directed the choir, taught adult ed programs, facilitated Torah study and even led services. In these roles, too, the people of BJC are what made it all worthwhile. The dedicated singers in our High Holy Days choir, the meshuganneh participants in our Purim Shpiels, Board Meetings that had little of the usual Sturm und Drang of synagogue Board meetings, Torah study devotees with insightful interpretations, congregants dancing in the aisles at Simchah B’Shabbat services, congregants regularly showing up to attend a minyan at a house of mourning, congregants who put their money and their bodies whole heartedly into social action.

Thank you, BJC, for 5 wonderful years. I shall miss you all.


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