An Amazing Person


I have been fortunate in selecting the staff I work with in my various positions over the years. Sometimes you find some real gems among them. Here’s a link to the blog of one absolutely amazing teacher I have on my staff. I’ve sort of had the opportunity to watch this incredible young woman grow from a young child, albeit only from once a year or so encounters at CAJE Conferences. It gives me chills and thrills to actually have her on my religious school staff now. If you want to be inspireKHS_0932d by a can do attitude, I encourage you to check out the blog of Tamar Straus-Benjamin. Her story is far from over, and she’s well worth keeping an eye on. Yet you’ll be amazed what this incredible young woman, facing the difficulties of CAPD (central auditory processing disorder) can teach you. She has certainly taught me.

I was cognizant of Tamar’s challenges, but, speaking frankly, they never really entered into the thought process of inviting her to come teach for me. I’ll also be honest enough to say that I probably haven’t provided the best working environment or support for Tamar, but it is a testimony to her resilience that  she has done a most amazing job. She is beloved by the students she works with. She has an incredibly keen sense of spotting the various challenges that a student might face, and an extreme sensitivity in working with those students. Would that every one of my teachers could have such sensitivity.

She is also, first and foremost, a mensch, if you’ll forgive the use of the male terminology. Tamar doesn’t just talk the talk of Judaism, of dealing with learning disabilities and challenges – she walks the walk – in every way. I’m inspired by her, and discovering her blog, I hope I can point the way for more of you to find inspiration from this truly amazing person.


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