We Wonder Why Public Education is Failing?

I was listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show today on WAMU. At one point, the current head of the Prince George’s County (Maryland) school system  used the non-existent and illogical word "irregardless." We wonder why public education is failing? When superintendents, chancellors and others can’t use proper English, we must really start to question our standards.

To his credit, John Deasy, the Superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools did properly use the word "remuneration," which Kojo then repeated with the frequent misspeaking "renumeration." (Which, given Kojo’s usually erudite prose, was quite surprising.)

Abuse of the English language is everywhere,and becoming far too common, even among people holding the most important of positions. (Need I say more about one George W. Bush?)


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