Personal Web Pages Mess. A (Formerly? Loyal) Comcast Subscriber Asks: Is It Time to Pursue a Class Action?

Back in 1998, I first signed up for cable modem service with, which was quickly acquired by Comcast. I’ve been a relatively loyal customer since, and haven’t really had a lot of service problems over the years. All in all, I’ve been a pretty satisfied customer of Comcast Internet. So much so that I now use their bundled Internet/digital phone/digital cable package. Comcast has generally been quick to repair or correct problems, and there have been few serious service outages.

 Like others, I was thrilled to learn that Comcast was finally upgrading the personal web pages service, giving each user more space, more features, etc. All their messages said the transition would be seamless.

It has been anything but seamless. To begin with, I lost access to my personal web page service almost a week before ever receiving official notice from Comcast that my service was going to be upgraded. I had received a generic announcement from them announcing the upgrades, and letting subscribers know that they would receive a message when their transition was scheduled. So my upgrading has supposedly commenced before I was even told it was going to commence. Expecting it all to be seamless, I figured I might have back in a few hours, maybe a day, but it had already been a week, and I had already called, used web-chat and e-mail to inquire about the timetable. Each time I simply received an assurance that Comcast was aware of the problem and was working to resolve it. Each time they refused to give an estimated time of completion. It has now almost three weeks, and despite repeated queries, all I get is the same stock answer. Three times now, a service agent has promised to "escalate" my request up a tier so that my transition would be quickly completed. Basically, three times these agents lied to me, as each future inquiry the agent told me there was no such escalation request put on my account.

For almost three weeks now, my personal home page has appeared to all who visit it with  "last updated on Oct. 12, 2007."  Does not Comcast understand how it is making its subscribers look bad? Do they not care? Do they train their employees to lie to placate customers? Did they know before they started this "upgrade" that it would be such a major mess, and take so long? If not, why not? Who dropped the ball?

Comcast owes it subscribers a refund for all the time the service was unavailable to them. Not one peep from them about that. Anyone interested in pursuing a class action against them?


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