Thank You Comcast-NOT

Dear old Comcast is doing all their subscribers a favor by giving them more space for their websites. How nice of them. However, something seems to have gone wrong during the transition. A good number of sites (my personal site included) are stuck in a state in which they cannot be updated – even though users can connect to the host, and update web pages as normal. They just don’t appear online. Guess they took a snapshot of every site and posted it to a mirror server somewhere and are redirecting URL lookups to that site. Makes me, and thousands of others, look as if we haven’t updated our sites lately.

I’m posting my Random Musing for this past Shabbat here since it isn’t showing up at my personal site even though the file was posted to it! See the next post here.


About migdalorguy

Jewish Educator & Musician, Technology Nerd and all around nice Renaissance guy
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