Irony and Joan Baez

Joan Baez Unwelcome At Concert For Troops

Before I saw the article linked below, I was reading through the Letters to the Editor in the Washington Post this morning when I came across

this letter.

I  thought to myself "a letter from Joan Baez? Can’t be." But it was. In the letter, Baez, while clearly stating her lifelong anti-war stance, poignantly regrets her failure to  show her support and compassion for the soldiers who returned from ‘Nam, underlying her desire to perform for wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan at Walter Reed at the invitation of John Cougar Mellencamp.

She had the grace and forthrightness to admit her failure-and how did the Army reward her for this? By refusing to allow her to perform, even though the arrangements had already been made.

As in Vietnam, our leaders have once again recklessly put American citizens, soldiers and non-military personnel alike,  in harm’s way. One can certainly express utter contempt for this callous disregard for human life and at the same time be concerned and supportive for those individuals who have served and are serving our country. why are we so incapable of seeing this difference?

Congress has finally developed the guts to tell Dubya it is time to end this fiasco in Iraq and bring our soldiers home. And in return, the administration accuses them of being unpatriotic. Are we really back to the days of "love it or leave it?"

As Charlie Brown would say "I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand it!"

Link to Joan Baez Unwelcome At Concert For Troops –


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