Google vs. Windows Live, Or Why You’re Really better Off Reading my Blogger blog for now

Well, I’m always one who wants to try out different things. And I won’t make either Microsoft or Google automatically bad guys. So I’. posting and using features on Google and Windows Live. At this point, Blogger seems to be where most of the traffic is, so I’ve concentrated my postings there.
But I’ve yet to decide who has won the "all-in-one portal" prize yet.  I may be using Google calendar, and Blogger, and Google remains my primary search engine. Yet the Windows Live Mail Desktop  has proven to be a nice little application saving me from the drudgery of always using Outlook (which is my primary PIM.) So there are features of both I like, and I’m likely to keep using both. I’m just not likley to post as often to Windows Live Spaces, which seems more geared to young, hip types than to this 51 year old long-time geek, than Blogger.
Yet who knows. I may suddenly find myself posting here more often than at Only time will tell. And now I have to check out the new Writer beta and see if that helps sway me one way or the other (or makes it real easy to simply duplicate my blog on both sites.)
In any case, see you all around the web.
A Happy and a healthy (and relatively Dubya-free) secular New Year to all!
Adrian (aka Migdalor Guy.)

About migdalorguy

Jewish Educator & Musician, Technology Nerd and all around nice Renaissance guy
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