Just exactly who is targeting civilians?

The loss of life in Qana is awful. Perhaps it was poor judgment on the part of the Israeli commanders, or perhaps Hezbollah deliberately placed these innocents in harms way. We may never know the truth. And we all pray that the fihgting will end and that no more innocent lives will be lost.
However, I feel compelled to remind us all something that seems to be getting overlooked in all this – Israel’s targeting is based on strategic military objectives and data. Hezbollah is indiscriminantly targeting anyplace their missiles will hit in northern Israel – that is to say-they are purposefully and knowingly targeting civilians, and not military or strategic targets. So before everyone goes off foaming at the mouth at the unfortunate loss of civilian lives at Qana, let’s just all remember who started this shooting war, and which side has a consistent pattern of indiscriminate targeting of civilians.
I have always considered myself an advocate of peace. Israel has certainly made its share of mistakes over the decades. I will not defend those mistakes. Neither will I defend those who chose violent resistance as opposed to non-violent protest.  Hezbollah is engaged in violent resistance (as is Hamas.) I wish there were some way Israel could respond to this violence without resorting to its own violence, that it could turn its swords in plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. And I wish Hezbollah and Hamas could and would do the same.
Migdalor Guy.

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Jewish Educator & Musician, Technology Nerd and all around nice Renaissance guy
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